mercoledì 10 ottobre 2007

Torno subito

Mi sono persa in sto incrociando vecchi e nuovi amici con cui stabilire contatti!
Nel frattempo c'è qualcosa di esilarante!

Coming back soon.
I got lost in Ravelry....but I'm getting in tought oops touch with friends old and new !
Meanwhile here there's something funny !

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  1. Something interesting just happened. I am listening to Radiohead's new album entitled "In Rainbows". It came out today. I was listening to it as i watched and they went together nicely.

  2. It was realy funny!
    I'm still in the waitingline for Ravelry, more then 10.000 people before me, and almost 5000 behind me!
    So, 't will take some time before I get lost in Ravelry...
    I'll wait till you get back.


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