lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Notes to Fall Rainbow pattern

Vorrei aggiungere qualche informazione alle spiegazioni del cappotto Fall Rainbow. Lo faccio solo nel "mio inglese” sperando di scrivere prima o poi tutto in italiano!

I wish to add a few notes to Fall Rainbow pattern:
  • When you're knitting the body striped sequence, remember the best place to change color is first st past front garter edging. Just knit this stitch with both colors held together. Drop the old color and continue knitting in the new color. When you come across the double stitch on WS row, purl it with the new color. Then, pull on the end of the old color until it gets hidden.
  • If you choose to sew this sort of braces, remember "do not" fix the back central point, in wich all the bands meet, to the knitted fabric. This point is too stiff and it would show on the right side of garment. You should simply fix the shoulder bands onto the underarm band but leave it separate from the knit.

  • To alter size remember these points:
    - Fall rainbow is a top-down jacket, for little alterations of size you can cast on the specified number of stitches and follow pattern instructions to make raglan increases and to shape lapel. Place stitches on a scrap yarn and try the yoke on, if you haven’t reached your raglan measurement yet place stitches on circulr needle again and continue with raglan increases until your desired measurement is reached.

    - Now you have to set up the chevron pattern according to your actual number of stitches.You will work six "peaks": one in each front section, one in each sleeve section, and two in the back section. Place a marker at each peak vertex, and write down how many stitches you have at the base of each peak . (the peak in the sleeve will take only the central portion of the section).

    - You have to adjust peak shaping. I suggest you to make a test swatch and write down your changes onto a piece of paper, so you won’t get lost! Download this schematic to understand how the peak is shaped by using both short rows and increases. You’ll have a different number of stitches at the base of the peak, so you can either :
    a) change the number of stitches to work before each turn, working the same number of rows indicated in the pattern (your peak will be less pointed!)
    b) keep turning your work every three sts from previously w&t stitch (you’ll have more rows to knit to complete the peak, and your peak will be more pointed!)
    c) try to stir a middle course both increasing the number of stitches to work before each turn and the total number of rows to compleate the peak.

    - Your personal chevron "peak" is now established using short rows and increases, then it has to be continued using increases and decreases. Remember that the number of stitches each peak is made of, has been increased by 2 sts every odd row, according to your personal chevron pattern! All you have to do from now on is keep on following its shape according to pattern in a very simple way:
    RS Row : k1 (this stitch is your decrease line), SSK, knit “n” sts, m1, sl marker, k1 (this stitch is your increase line), m1, knit “n” sts, k2tog, k1 (this stitch is your decrease line).
    WS Row : purl.

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  1. I love your pattern! I might have to start a stash so I can make it. hehe

  2. I made this coat!!! I have been wearing it and everyone who sees it loves it...and asks me to make them one. If I could figure out how to send a picture, I would. My main color is teal with stripes of off white, green, dark blue, and two shades of purple. Thank you for sharing your talent with me!! I did find one typo, however. Row 3 of the chevron peak should read K12, not K11. The number is correct on the diagram. Thanks again for my beautiful new addition to my wardrobe.

  3. @anonimo : thank you! It's a great satisfaction for me to hear you are so pleased with this design!
    Do you have a Ravelry account? You could share and show your work with the world!

  4. This is the very first time I have even posted a comment to anyone! Totally unaware of how to do anything on any kind of account or blog! I live in Oregon, USA, and do not read Italian...Took me forever just to figure out how to post a comment. I should look into how to get an account. I'm very happy you responded to my comment. Thanks again :-)

  5. If you want I would be very happy and proud to post a picture of your coat on my blog!
    If you can take a picture with a digital camera you can send it by e-mail to me at:

  6. e' bellissimo!!! per ora mi accontento di guardarlo io e l'inglese non ci capiamo molto... chissa' complimenti per i fantastici alvori!!


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