mercoledì 25 aprile 2007

Lavoro, lavoro, lavoro

Ho un pò di cose da finire (...incluso lo "Shell tank") e non ho tempo per niente altro, ma vorrei portarvi in un posto che mi è molto piaciuto.

I have many things to end (..."Shell tank" included) and I haven't got time to do anything else, but I would like to take you to a very special place.

Selva Fasano-Polignano

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  1. Li ho visti anche io questi posti, c'è una vista meravigliosa.
    I've just seen that places, there is a wonderful sight.

  2. Hello,
    Is that near Alberobello. Iwent there 2 years ago. My husbands family lives in Giovinazzo, Bari


  3. Yes Angela, the place name is "Selva di Fasano", it's near Alberobello and ths kind of construction named "Trullo" is widely spread through the whole region!
    My husband's family lives in Puglia too!
    I love that region!


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