venerdì 15 febbraio 2008

Alive and knitting!

Il mio cappello ha colpito Josè ... io sono ancora viva!
My hat hit Josè ... while I'm still alive!

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  1. i'm curious how people keep track...are there some crazy microchips in the needles? i hope not. rss?

  2. No, it's much simpler than that!
    Josè sincerely declared her death to me and to the Oracle...
    The Oracle is the super-manager of this game, she knows and sees everything, she predicted my death will be imminent, so I'm enjoying my last days!!!!! ;-P
    A great part of the fun comes from the messages players exchange within their yahoo group.

  3. The hat came at the right time: on the coldest day in months! Tempreature dropped to below zero last night, the wind was unhumanly cold yesterday, so I unpacked the hat and put it on immediately. It fits me well and it is nice and warm, what more can a victim wish for?


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